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The Dawn Rider

Published 1935

John Mason (John Wayne), returning home from a long absence, he arrives at the time his father is killed in a bank robbery.
His best friend's girl (Marion Burns) takes care of him after he`s being shot.

Run time 53 min.
Producer Paul Malvern
Production Company Lone Star Productions
Audio/Visual sound, black & white
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Reviewer: tbragg - - April 26, 2012
Subject: Fun B Western with the early Duke
After John Wayne initially washed out as a leading man in big pictures, he made a string of poor man's westerns for Lone Star (Monogram). I've seen a couple of these and they're a pretty mixed bag. This one's fine, with plenty of chases, some pretty okay gunfights and fairly silly fisticuffs, and a few scenes where you can definitely see the Duke we know and love shining through.

Check out around 23:30, for instance, when the recuperating John recognizes his father's killer. It's subtle, but I can already hear indications of his more famous roles in this little exchange.
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